Hormuz Island- travel Guide

Ahmad Nadalian Hurmuz is the rainbow Island of Iran. It has many colorful mountains, colored earth, multicolored stones and salt caves. Beauty of nature, kindness of indigenous people who live in the Island can be a reason for tourists to make this their vacation spot during the winter. The climate in this Island is extremely favorable in […]

The 3th festival of environmental art “The practice of interaction in contemporary art”

The third festival of performing and displaying art in nature was held in the gallery and the International Center of Paradise on July  2004. During the festival a conversation took place between Lint Wallworth and Ahmad Nadalian. The subject of discussion was the prevalence of interaction in contemporary art. “I come from a village, I live […]

Bandar Abbas: January 2007: Sand and rock sculpture workshop that changed to an environmental art festival

Introduction: I was invited to Bandar Abbas in January 2007 to manage a sand and rock sculpture workshop. I suggest  an environmental art festival. It was a new chapter in my life and influenced how Hormuz Island developed. همیشه در سفرهایی که به گوشه و کنار ایران و دنیا می روم گزارش می نوسیم. مستندات […]

An Interview with Ahmad Nadalian: In the Search of Lost Paradise

Department of Philosophy, University of Perugia-  Cosmopolis: Rivista Semestrale di cultura (1. 2008) ISSN: 1828-6771   Interview by Elahe Zomorodi Introduction Ahmad Nadalian is known internationally as one of the foremost environmental artists. Born in 1963, in Sangsar Iran he completed his B.A. in Painting in 1988 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University […]

Book: Ahmad Nadalian – A selection of Environmental and Social Art- Introduction by Clive Adams

This book introduces a selection of Ahmad Nadalian’s environmental and social art. The recent works mostly show collaborative art works with local communities in Hormuz and Qeshm Islands. Clive Adams in the introduction of this book says:  The presence and activities of his Museum on Hormoz Island, encourages interaction between local people and tourists, bringing […]

Ahmad Nadalian: Book of Art Works with an introduction of John K. Grande

This book is the most comprehensive collection that introduces the works of Ahmad Nadalian since 1996.  It includes stone carvings, stone sculptures, sand prints; Environmental art in the nature of Iran and different countries of the world, environmental workshops and festivals and joint work with Iranian or international artists, joint workshops and works with children […]

Book of The Hormuz Island: narrated by Ahmad Nadalian: Nature, life, culture and art

The book “Hormuz Island narrated by Ahmad Nadalian: Nature, Life, Culture and Art” introduces the tourist attractions, nature, life, cultural heritage and rituals of Hormuz Island. The book is 96 pages , Size: 22 * ​​22.    It has 226 color images. Topic: Ahmad Nadalian / 1963 Book title and Author: Ahmad Nadalian / Ahmad […]

Free download of Hormuz Island’s tourism map, including all natural and cultural attractions

The first tourism map of Hormuz Island including all natural and cultural attractions has been designed by Dr. Ahmad Nadalian. You can download the simple version for free. The fourth edition is available in Dr. Nadalian Museum. در جزیره هرمز شبیه این نقشه تا کنون دو بار تقلیدشده است و متاسفانه فاقد اطلاعات موزه دکتر […]

Gallery of women’s works of art in the in Dr. Nadalian Museum – Hormuz Island

You can purchase the artwork of the women of Hormuz and Qeshm Island in the gallery of Dr. Nadalian Museum.  In the gift shop, there are various samples of paintings, earrings, necklaces, magnets and other handicrafts of indigenous women. These works are very professionally executed and most of them are only available in the museum. […]

The second environmental art festival in Paradise Art Center – Polour – “Snow” winter 2003

Paradise International Art Center held the second festival of performing art in nature in the winter of 2003 in the village of Polour.  We played with snow, made snowmen. We walked on the snow and designed with our footprints …                               […]