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Ahmad Nadalian first became acquainted with new media through the Internet in 1992 when he was a PhD student in England.  He first joined a social network in 1993.  After returning to Iran in 1996, he Launched Paradise online magazine, a newsletter for Iranian contemporary art. And it has always tried to publish his own artwork on internet. After starting the works of contemporary art in the form of installation, environmental art, performance arts, sound and vids, it was necessary to record and present the process of these works. The Internet was a good platform.

In the process of documenting his works and showing their process and learning site design, programming as well as sound and film editing, he has a tendency to produce multimedia art works. Many of his works were created only in a virtual environment and can be seen only in the internet or computer. For Nadalian, there is no boundary between the natural, social and virtual environments. These environments are connected in his works.For many years, in his lectures and notes, he had emphasized that the Internet had changed the culture and art of many societies, and that it would soon affect much more than this aspect of contemporary human life. The Internet is a window through which we can see the world as it is a window for the world to see us. 

His art work covers a variety of techniques: online art,  interactive art,  web animation, …   Due to these reason Nadalian presents his works via new media, and utilizes the capabilities of the digital age, such as the Internet. A number of websites, such as and   are dedicated to introducing his works. He believes that a website a is not only a place to introduce his work, but a contemporary way of conveying his ideas and art web installation and  web performances. He has also presented his concepts in environmental art, ritual performances , body art, videos , animations and  multimedia

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