Hidden Treasures of Ahmad Nadalian: An Art Exhibition for the Next Millenniums

In the past years, the people of Polour excavated the place where I carved several images on the local rocks. They hoped to find treasures there. According to a tradition in the north of Iran, the images of hands, fish and snake on the rocks can be a sign of treasure.  Posing this question is important: Why do we only use the natural and cultural resources of the habitats in which we live?  Can we add anything more to the values which are already hidden in nature?   For me the earth and the museums are one and the same. Earth has always been the cradle of civilizations and cultures. The objects and pieces that can be found in and from the earth show the beliefs, life, and perhaps most importantly, the beautiful minds of people from the past. The fact is that now the ugliest layers of earth belong to contemporary man.

I used this “accident” to produce a new collection of works. I have started to bury many of my carved stones in the earth. This project named “Hidden Treasure: An art exhibition for the next millenniums”. The above story has now changed my understanding of our earth.

In Kansas City Missouri I depicted portraits of Native Americans on fragmented red stones and my American friends assisted me to hide these works at two locations. These works refer to the peoples of a nation whose history has been ignored. I leave my carvings under the earth as seeds and deep-rooted hopes that the future will provide for the growth of a new culture. We should all cultivate these ideas and work to make our earth richer.

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