Gallery of women’s works of art in the in Dr. Nadalian Museum – Hormuz Island

You can purchase the artwork of the women of Hormuz and Qeshm Island in the gallery of Dr. Nadalian Museum.  In the gift shop, there are various samples of paintings, earrings, necklaces, magnets and other handicrafts of indigenous women. These works are very professionally executed and most of them are only available in the museum. By purchasing these works, you will have a good memory of the trip and you will prepare a suitable gift for your loved ones.


نقاشی و تکه چسبانی پارچه پشت شیشه


گوشواره ها نقاشی بر روی چوب با روکش روغنی و قابل شستشو

گوشواره با نقش دختر چهارگیس

نقاشی روی بوم 20*30




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