Paradise Art Center

An international residency Program, Education center & Gallery

Paradise Art Center is an international  Gallery, Education center and residency  for the promotion of environmental and social art. It includes some locations and buildings in Tehran, Polour (Northern Iran), Qeshm and Hormoz Island (Southern Iran) – all with the mission of connecting and hosting invited artists, promoting educational outreach, and exhibiting environmental artworks.

What is the meaning of paradise for us?

For us Paradise means the environment we created for working in nature with people and our satisfaction. We enjoy interaction with people rejoicing spiritual state in nature.  That is why we named our three buildings Paradise.

We organize festivals, workshops, and art projects not only in the nature of different parts of Iran but also in city environments.  We create an arena and allow these activities to have an international impact on the art scene. Our paradise is place where global and Iranian artists meet and exchange experiences. Each year many international and local artists contact us to learn about Paradise, and Iranian contemporary art.

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