Using the art of painting to teach creative management

In 1998 come to back Iran from England. After the invitation of the Iranian Oil Company some management professors from a Canadian university come to Iran and thir intention was to hold a management workshop for the senior managers of the oil company. They asked the organizers of the workshop to provide painting easels, canvases, and color palettes and the managers should experience the painting. The purpose was to get familiar with the painting process, which requires creativity.  Because of my teaching experience in the field of painting, they invited me to work with them. With my help, they participated in painting and finally the discussion was to use the creative formation of the painting as a model for management. 

How to ask people who have never painted to paint on canvas.

Painting should not be nessary figurative, so abstract painting was one of the solutions

This is how I assumed the formation process of an artwork like (painting):

Having an archetype in mind

Learning how to to overcome fear for biggner.

Using imagination to do what they have in mind

Turning challenges into opportunities

If we give non-artists a chance to experience painting, they can use such experience in managing their own business.

Using the art of painting to teach creative management


Using the art of painting to teach creative management


Ever since I participated in this workshop, I have had such an experience working with children and local communities.

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