The Museum of Dr. Nadalian in Hormuz Island

The Museum and Gallery of Ahmad Nadalian in Hormuz Island shows the works of this artists who is internationally known as one of the most active environmental artists. In Hormuz Island, Nadalian focused on social art. Nadalian’s art works preformed and exhibited in more than seventy countries across the globe. 

For the artists’ residency and developing education of women in March of 2009, I paid less than 2000 US dollars and bought a ruined building in an old neighborhood of Hormuz Island.  In the early stage the Paradise Residential Art Centre for many local and international artists on Hormuz Island was established here.

Nature of Hormuz Island: The Rainbow of Iran

Hormuz Island- travel Guide

When I bought the house, only a palm tree was alive. Now it is an active cultural environment. Every year thousands of art lovers visit the museum to support its activities and it is known in international forums. The artists who participated in the environmental art festivals painted the walls of building and its neighborhood.
Four years later in 2012 it has become the museum of Dr.Nadalian. and its entrance was redesigned with inspiration from local architecture.  The building is also a gallery of art works by Dr. Nadalian and local people.’

This museum has been introduced in most famous international travel books of Iran in different languages. All reputable international travel agencies visit this museum in their official program.

If you see the Dr. Nadalian Museum at the beginning of your trip, the meaning of Hormoz Island will change for you. This is because the riddle of the current social structure of the island is explained there. By visiting the museum, you will understand why women are active in the field of tourism and handicrafts. Why many women in the island have eco-lodges? In addition, you will learn many about the culture of the island.

In addition to international visitors, Iranians who live in other countries enjoy visit this museum. Because they never expect such activity in Iran. Other visitors are artists, environmental activists, tourist groups, families are interested in seeing the museum and its multimedia video.  Among the visitors we have children, the elderly, indigenous, religious prople, backpackers, etc.

Large bones of marine creatures, including whales collected from the shores of Hormuz in the early years of Nadalian stay in the Island, are on display at the museum. These remnants inspire artists in terms of shape. In the museum, you will also get acquainted with the colored soils of Hormuz, as well as their artistic applications.

Entrance of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

Gate of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

Yard of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

International visitors watching the video of the Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum on Hormuz Island

In our museum many girls and women are trained to learn the techniques of drawing and painting. However, because of their need, they prefer to receive their income very fast. That’s why they often prefer to use my design as a pattern for their painting.

Teaching soil painting to the women of Hormuz Island

When the museum building was bought, it was a ruin and a hangout for criminals.

But the same place is now an active cultural center.

In Hormuz Island and many villages of Qeshm Island, I painted of faces myself and girls and women painted the background. The patterns painted by women show their hope and vivacity. 

Gallery of women’s works of art in the in Dr. Nadalian Museum

In the Museum we have free Education for Children.  With the support of many artists, individuals and institutions a budget for free education is provided and we can pay the local teachers who teach culture, protection of ecology and the English language.

Free Education in Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum – Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island has many attractions. It has many colorful mountains- colored earth, multicolored stones and and some salt cave. Beauty of nature, the cultural characteristic of the people who live in the Island can be a  reason for tourists to make this their vacation spot during the winter. The climate in this Island is extremely favorable in the months during late autumn and winter.

Nature of Hormuz Island: The Rainbow of Iran

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