Hidden Treasures of Ahmad Nadalian: An Art Exhibition for the Next Millenniums

In the past years, the people of Polour excavated the place where I carved several images on the local rocks. They hoped to find treasures there. According to a tradition in the north of Iran, the images of hands, fish and snake on the rocks can be a sign of treasure.  Posing this question is […]

Nest collection in the New Art practical theoretical workshop of Ahmad Nadalian May 2006

In one of the practical theoretical workshops of my new art, a set of nests was made and installed in the nature of Polour and the paradise art center in Tehran. I was restricted from teaching and holding new art workshops in universities. خیال در رنگ ها: ایجاد بستر رنگی برای کارهای خیالی دانشجویان هنر […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s sand prints by cylindrical seals

Ahmad Nadalian made large example of cylindrical seals adorned with his own designs. He using these cylindrical seals in the wide sandy beach and desert. The rolling of these cylinders results in a harvest of myriad living creatures that adorn the sand of the beach front. His seals are quite diverse in terms of their […]

The death of fish and goddesses- Destruction of Ahmad Nadalian’s Art works in nature

During two decades, I have created hundreds goddesses and fish on the stones of the river and have dedicated them to nature. Due to a lack of respect, these figures have historically been ignored and distorted. For me, they are metaphors for nature and the life of living creatures who endure pain, suffering, and are […]

Drop the fish in the water

During several journeys to different parts of the world, I have also offered my carved stones with imaginary fish to rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas.   I have dropped the stones which have imaginary fish carved onto them into the rivers of Polour.   The purpose of this tradition results in the ultimate goal of dedicating […]

River Art by Ahmad Nadalian

I started to carve large boulders in flowing rivers. I intended to leave my works in nature. I created hundreds of fish on the stones beside and in the river. The reason I produce a fish design is when I was a child the rivers of Polour were full of fish. Sadly the fish that […]