Mannequins: Art works by Ahmad Nadalian

Besides dolls, I collect old mannequins. The aesthetics of the mannequins’ bodies and faces raise questions for me. They follow the western model. By studying them, you can see the tension and interests behind the veils of appearance. They represent something that traditionalists disagree with. But there is no other way.  They have become so […]

The Birth of Tourism in Hormuz Island and the first restaurants and Hostels

Tourism in Hormuz Island started in 2008. I want to continue writing the history of the island’s social evolution. During the festivals of 2006 or 2007, food was ordered to houses. Sometimes the artists themselves prepared food. Places of accommodation were temporary houses and sometimes institutional houses. Until 2009, no one advertised food or accommodation.  […]

The concept of dolls in Dr. Ahmed Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

I collect old dolls. For me discarded dolls are a metaphor for neglected children. The dolls can be found everywhere, often sourced from the garbage, but sometimes I will ask girls to donate their old dolls in exchange for new ones. The collection is on display in the museum. Indigenous doll made of old cloth. […]

Female death and male murder: Art works by Ahmad Nadalian

مردان همه در زهدان زن با این کهکشان آشنا شدند و زمانی که به دنیا آمدنداز شیر مادران سیراب شدند. رسم روزگار این بود. مردان خود در رسم شکنی آزادند.  نیستی زنان را مردان مجارز می دانند. زن از ابتدای تاریخ زخم خورده و بازنده بود و هنوز هم بازنده است زخم جان او را […]

Self-immolation of Girls and Women: Artworks of Ahmed Nadalian

News or narratives that show the physical and mental injuries of girls and women have always influenced my artworks. With different media, I show the suffering of women who were burned in the fire. پس از شندید خبر خودسوری یک دختر علاقمند به فوتبال این اثر را اجرا کردم.  همزمان با انتشار ویدئو آن این […]

The Performance Art by Ahmad Nadalian in Zanzibar

For more than two weeks, I travel to East Africa and I performed many works. It was very exiting to see Africa. Because many Afro Iranian live in Hormoz Island.  One of my art works in Zanzibar was a performance called “Experience of Blackness in the land of Black People”   In Tanzania National museum I […]

Khaleh Kaniz and Ahmad Nadalian in Hormuz Island: Collaborative Art Works

During my early stay in Hormuz Island, I worked with kaniz. We produce many collaborative art works.  As we were working on the paintings, Kaniz told me many stories. Kaniz’s life story is strange. Kaniz lives in Hormoz Island. She got married when she was seven years old. In some small towns, parents decide the […]