Art Works in the 15th Environmental Art Festival in Iran, Hormoz Island, February 2007

In the 15th Environmental Art Festival in Iran, in (February 2007), many works of environmental art were done. However, the main focus of the group work was “opposition to the war and the militarization of the Persian Gulf.” But a lot of teamwork and a lot of independent work was done. احمد نادعلیان: مخالفت با […]

Multicultural Environment of Hormuz Island in 2021 from the point of view of Ahmad Nadalian

In November 2021, I went to Hormoz Island. I encountered a new Hormuz.  Those who immigrated in the past two years live in coexistence with the local community. Following this interaction, Hormuz is in a new situation. Good and bad consequences are on the way. در نیمه آبان 1400 پس از بیست ماه غیبت به […]

Suspicious suitcase of Ahmad Nadalian at the port of Hormuz Island

Ahmad Nadalian’s suspicious suitcase at the Port of Hormuz Island is the title of artwork on display at the Dr. Nadalian Museum on Hormuz Island. After inspecting Ahmad Nadalian’s suitcase, the artist created this art work. It show the beauties of Hormuz Island and the uncontrolled destruction of the island’s soil and minerals. Compared to […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A campaign against war and militarization of the Persian Gulf region (January 2008)

On the 26th of January 2008, fifty artists accompanied me and we traveled to the Persian Gulf (Hormoz Island). More than 50 local artists joined us and we realized a new environmental art event. Our new environmental art festival focused on a campaign against war.  I was responsible to select artists and act as an […]

Notes abut Hamad Nadalian’s Sand Art in Hormuz Island by International Art Critics

Art in the Landscape: Marked in Stone and Sand, By Robert C. Morgan An Iranian sculptor brings his art to the river, beaches—and parks. Landscape Architecture: The magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architecture  6/2008 Ahmad Nadalian’s work is like a synaptical charge between the Paleolithic cave art and Ancient Persia.  He works with […]

Sand Print by Ahmad Nadalian on the coast of Hormoz Island, December 2007

Print of Goddess and Fish on Sand in the Hormuz Island 2007 During the second festival of Persian Gulf (December  25 -29, 2007) I made presented my recent cylinder seal which show a goddess combined with fish and I printed this cylinder seal along the beach.   The goddess of water (Anahita) combined with fish. It was a […]

Persian Gulf Environmental Art Festival in Hormuz Island – December 2007

چهارمین روز دیماه 1386 پیرو دعوت انجمن هنرهای تجسمی و  اداره فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی هرمزگان  به  همراه خانم گیزیلا وارگا سینایی نقاش و خانم سمیرا سینایی کارگردان و بازیگر  ، عازم بندر عباس شدیم. هوای بندر عباس طوفانی بود. هواپیما در شیراز توقف داشت. چندین ساعت در فرودگاه با گیزیلا و سمیرا سینایی صحبت […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s family trip to Hormuz Island on Nowruz – March 2007

After two festival trips, in March 2007 (Nowruz) with my wife and son on, we went to Hormuz Island. In general, it was more like a family trip. However, I personally did a lot of art works. The young friends from Bandar Abbass welcomed us and we had very good days. کارهای هنری احمد نادعلیان […]

احمد نادعلیان: تاثیر آئین های عاشورایی بر هنر محیطی و جدید

در سال 1385 در جزیره هرمز در روزهای نزدیک به عاشورا با الهام از آئین های مراسم مذهبی و استفاده از خاک سرخ جزیره هرمز کار محیطی انجام شد. قبل از آن هنرجویان کارگاه هنر جدید کار مشترک انجام داده بودند. عکس ها از راحله زمردنیا و احمد نادعلیان در این سفر روزهای پایانی جشنواره […]

حجاری احمد نادعلیان بر روی صخره های بام خلیج فارس در بهمن ماه سال 1385: روز آفرینش و زوج نخستین

در سفر بهمن سال 1385 علاوه بر کارهای متعدد در داخل طبیعت از دوستان بندری خواستم برای صبح زود و دیدن طلوع آفتاب به بالای بام خلیخ فارس برویم و ضمن تماشای ساحل لاک پشت ها طلوع آفتاب را تماشا کنیم. صبح زود به همراه هنرمندان آنجا رفتیم. در زمان طلوع آفتاب بر روی صخره […]