Red Being: the performance arts by Ahmed Nadalian with the red soil of Hormuz Island

In the first years of my life in Hormuz Island, I fried my whole being with red soil many times. My intention since my first trip to Hormuz Island was to reveal its value while using this soil in works of art. These words gradually found symbolic and social concepts. Once, I walked, shopped and […]

Painting by Hormuz red soil on faces, hands and feet, Hormoz Island December 2007

In December 2007 also used Hormuz red soil and made new painting on portraits, feet and hands.  The local red soil named “Gelak”. This red soil is used to prepare “Soragh” which is a traditional spices.  It consists of organic soil, fish and a kind of lemon or sour orange “Nareng”. Usually Soragh is served […]

Imagination in colors: creating a colored background for the imaginary works of art students in 2003

For the art work “Imagination in Colors” I created a colorful background for the imaginative work of the students of faculty of Art in Shahed University. I asked my students to buy different colors. I spilled the paint freely on the floor. My intention was to create a work space. I asked my students to […]

Wounded Mother Earth: Ahmad Nadalian’s Paintings with Stone Powder, Soil and Colored Powders

The collection of paintings named “Wounded Mother Earth”, by Ahmad Nadalian, is an metaphor of virgin nature that is being destroyed. In all primitive cultures there is a relationship between mother and earth.  Wound of Earth is associated with female wound. These works routed in my carving and sculptures.  Living in Hormuz and being in […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s Painting by colored soils and sands

In the early years of my stay I used colored soils and sands of Hormuz Island in my painting. Later due to the ecological impact of removing such material from the environment I avoid extracting rare colors and will instead locate colored earth from other parts of Iran or use colored powders. In the first […]