Discovery of New Rock sculpture in Hormuz Island

New rock sculpture have been discovered in the mountains of Hormuz Island. Before this, I had introduced the sculptures of mysterious and imaginary creatures in the mountains and rocks in numerous prints of Hormuz Island tourism map. In the beginning, this work was criticized. But now they are welcomed by drivers and tourists. Their criticism […]

New tourist map of Hormuz Island

By visiting Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz, you can purchase a new tourism map of Island. It introduces all the natural and cultural attractions of the island. By visiting the museum and watching the film there, you will have a new perspective of the nature and culture of Hormuz Island. By having this map, you […]

Suspicious suitcase of Ahmad Nadalian at the port of Hormuz Island

Ahmad Nadalian’s suspicious suitcase at the Port of Hormuz Island is the title of artwork on display at the Dr. Nadalian Museum on Hormuz Island. After inspecting Ahmad Nadalian’s suitcase, the artist created this art work. It show the beauties of Hormuz Island and the uncontrolled destruction of the island’s soil and minerals. Compared to […]

Hormuz Island: Introducing the guide, driver, ecolodge, accommodation, independent suite, hotel and restaurants

To support the Creative library of Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz chose the tourism services of our sponsors: We introduce you tour guide, the driver, ecolodge, hostels, accommodation, independent suite, hotel and restaurant. Contact for international tourists: Ahamd Nadalian +98 9121482177 Hormuz Island- travel Guide Nature of Hormuz Island: The Rainbow of Iran ل   […]

Hormuz Island- travel Guide

Ahmad Nadalian Hurmuz is the rainbow Island of Iran. It has many colorful mountains, colored earth, multicolored stones and salt caves. Beauty of nature, kindness of indigenous people who live in the Island can be a reason for tourists to make this their vacation spot during the winter. The climate in this Island is extremely favorable in […]

Book of The Hormuz Island: narrated by Ahmad Nadalian: Nature, life, culture and art

The book “Hormuz Island narrated by Ahmad Nadalian: Nature, Life, Culture and Art” introduces the tourist attractions, nature, life, cultural heritage and rituals of Hormuz Island. The book is 96 pages , Size: 22 * ​​22.    It has 226 color images. Topic: Ahmad Nadalian / 1963 Book title and Author: Ahmad Nadalian / Ahmad […]

Free download of Hormuz Island’s tourism map, including all natural and cultural attractions

The first tourism map of Hormuz Island including all natural and cultural attractions has been designed by Dr. Ahmad Nadalian. You can download the simple version for free. The fourth edition is available in Dr. Nadalian Museum. در جزیره هرمز شبیه این نقشه تا کنون دو بار تقلیدشده است و متاسفانه فاقد اطلاعات موزه دکتر […]

Gallery of women’s works of art in the in Dr. Nadalian Museum – Hormuz Island

You can purchase the artwork of the women of Hormuz and Qeshm Island in the gallery of Dr. Nadalian Museum.  In the gift shop, there are various samples of paintings, earrings, necklaces, magnets and other handicrafts of indigenous women. These works are very professionally executed and most of them are only available in the museum. […]

Creative library of Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz Island

Considering the rule and regulations of libraries in Iran, the library of Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormoz Island is creative and unique. Children can use it easily without registration. They can play in the environment, free to laugh and most importantly to shout. They paint and learn English language. At the request of them or […]

The Center of Hormuzology in Hormuz Island – Dr Ahmad Nadalian Museum

The Center of Hormuzology in Hormuz Island located in Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum.  After fifteen years research we have the best historical documents, geology, culture, rituals, weddings, mourning, music, handicrafts, … which all related to Hormuz Island. All information was the result of academic research by Dr. Nadalian and in consultation with the elderly of […]