7th Festival of Environmental Art in Iran (Tehran Polour): Nests and Dandelions

In one of my new art practical theoretical workshops, a set of nests was made and installed in the nature of Polour and the Paradise Art Center in Tehran. I was restricted for teaching new art and holding workshops in universities. Nests for Birds: All The Birds Will Have A Nest Photo by Raheleh Zomorodinia […]

The 6th festival of environmental art “Presence of People of the Global Village in our Village”    

From the 6th Environmental Art Festival in Iran onwards, the students of my workshops participated alongside international artists in Tehran and Polour. They accompanied me on many trips to different provinces.  Other artists were gradually added to them.     Work by  Eric Van Hove : Between the 2ed and the 12th of May, he lived […]

“The 5th festival of environmental art “Presence of People of the Global Village in our Village

For the 5th environmental art festival in Iran, Ivan Buchheim, a British-based German artist teaching at the University of Bristol, and Mr. Ronnie Klose, an Irish artist living in Dublin, came to Polour and created a video installation named “Song Collection” in the village. They filmed local and traditional songs. “Presence of People of the […]

“The 4th festival of environmental art “so far so good

The 4th festivals has been held  from  20th to  30th August when we receive German environmental artist Nadin Reschke Kindlimannm, Daniel Kindlimann and Ruud Matthes. They created art works in collaboration of local communities in Polour. Her Project titled  [so far so good- so weit so gut] Nadin Reschke Kindlimann >So far so good< is […]

The 3th festival of environmental art “The practice of interaction in contemporary art”

The third festival of performing and displaying art in nature was held in the gallery and the International Center of Paradise on July  2004. During the festival a conversation took place between Lint Wallworth and Ahmad Nadalian. The subject of discussion was the prevalence of interaction in contemporary art. “I come from a village, I live […]

The second environmental art festival in Paradise Art Center – Polour – “Snow” winter 2003

Paradise International Art Center held the second festival of performing art in nature in the winter of 2003 in the village of Polour.  We played with snow, made snowmen. We walked on the snow and designed with our footprints …                               […]

The First Festival Celebrating the Creation and Exhibition of Art in Nature 2002

The first festival celebrating the creation and exhibition of art in nature was held at Paradise International Art Centre in the summer of 2003. The first event was not called the Environmental Art Festival. From the second festival, the festivals were named as environmental art in Iran. This center was the first artist residency in Iran. […]

Paradise Art Gallery: Ahmad Nadalian’s Artworks (Carved Stones, sculpture, seals, paintings and conceptual works)

Ahmad Nadalian’s works of art, including sculptures, carvings, seals, paintings and conceptual works, can be purchased at the Paradise Art Gallery.  Nadalian’s small works were always sold in the art centers of Paradise Art Center Polour, Tehran, Qeshm and his museum in Hormuz Island. بر اساس کاهایی که در طبیعت انجام شده اند کارهای کوچکتری […]