Discovery of New Rock sculpture in Hormuz Island

New rock sculpture have been discovered in the mountains of Hormuz Island. Before this, I had introduced the sculptures of mysterious and imaginary creatures in the mountains and rocks in numerous prints of Hormuz Island tourism map. In the beginning, this work was criticized. But now they are welcomed by drivers and tourists. Their criticism […]

New tourist map of Hormuz Island

By visiting Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz, you can purchase a new tourism map of Island. It introduces all the natural and cultural attractions of the island. By visiting the museum and watching the film there, you will have a new perspective of the nature and culture of Hormuz Island. By having this map, you […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s Journeys Across Different countries

Ahmad Nadalian is internationally known as one of the most active ecological artists. He has been supported and sponsored by many different organizations in many countries throughout the world, where he has performed numerous ecological and social art projects.  Now most of Nadalian works are scattered across the earth. His environmental art projects, include the […]

Ahmad Nadalian: Praying for rain and nature’s grace and violence in Hormuz Island

قبل از گزارش مراسم قبله دعاي سال 1387 جزيره هرمز يك مقدمه لازم است : بين آسمان بالا و پايين رابطه وجود دارد. در بعضي از مناطق دنيايي كه در آن زندگي مي كنيم هنوز اين رابطه وجود دارد. در گذشته نه چندان دور آدم ها از پايين به آسمان نگاه مي كردند. حالا از […]

The only edible mountain in the world: When Hormouz Island’s red soil

Looking at social networks, it can be seen that a lot of emphasis is placed on the wonder of the colored soils of Hormuz Island, especially its red soil. Generalist headlines such as “It is not soil, it is gold” or “the world’s only edible mountain” are used in social networks to attract tourists. How […]

A Fabulous Mythological Bird: A large land painting by colored soil, sand and stones of Hormuz Island

In 2009 I helped  people in Hormuz and we created a large land painting showing mythological bird named “Simorgh”. This bird has a long history in Persian mythology and mystical literature. در بهمن ماه سال 1387 به بومی های جزیره هرمز کمک کردم که طراحی یک سیمرغ را با سنگ، شن و خاک های رنگی […]

Red Being: the performance arts by Ahmed Nadalian with the red soil of Hormuz Island

In the first years of my life in Hormuz Island, I fried my whole being with red soil many times. My intention since my first trip to Hormuz Island was to reveal its value while using this soil in works of art. These words gradually found symbolic and social concepts. Once, I walked, shopped and […]