Discovery of New imaginery Rock sculpture in Hormuz Island

After holding environmental art festivals and performing imaginative painting art inspired by the nature of Hormuz Island, now the local guides, drivers and ordinary people convinced that there art many hidden images in all colourfull rocks of Island. Now their imagination is very active and they find more shape and images themselve.

New rock sculpture have been discovered in the mountains of Hormuz Island. Before this, I had introduced the sculptures of mysterious and imaginary creatures in the mountains and rocks in numerous prints of Hormuz Island tourism map. In the beginning, this work was criticized. But now they are welcomed by drivers and tourists. Their criticism was that these names that I do or confirm them through publication, cause the historical names of the island to disappear. But in my map all historical names are considered. Even names such as “Kuh Kirk” and “Kennik Dekhtun” are mentioned. It was not good to explain and index the meaning of all these names. The names that I did were part of a geography and the visual features of the rocks were paid attention to from an aesthetic point of view. In some cases, places that did not have names were named. Over time it has contributed to the imagination of the local community. Now they see a figure in every mountains and show them to tourists

بخشی از صفحه روی نقشه جدید گردشگری جزیره هرمز
Part of the page on the new tourism map of Hormuz Island

New tourist map of Hormuz Island

کوهی که سر یک زن را نشان می دهد. در ضلع شمالی جزیره واقع شده است.
A mountain showing a woman’s head. It is located on the north side of the Hormuz island.

In the explanations given by the drivers about the rocks, they even say that this woman had her nose operated. The believability of the activation of imagination in ordinary people and the strengthening of their visualization is very interesting. This approach is due to the presence of artists and the spread of art in the island.

Nature of Hormuz Island: The Rainbow of Iran

دره مجسمه ها، جایی که سیمرغ و اژدها دیده می شوند.
The Valley of the Statues, where the Sphinx and the Dragon can be seen.
صخره شتر در شرق جزیره هرمز
Camel Rock in the east of Hormuz Island
یک پیکره و سردیس در مسیر صخرهای دو منار در جنوب جزیره هرمز
A figure and head statue on the path of two minarets rocks in the south of Hormuz Island
الهه های بدوی نشسته در یک ردیف، بالای کوه در جنوب جزیره هرمز
Primitive goddesses sitting in a row, on top of a mountain in the south of Hormuz Island
شتر نشسته در پایین کوه های برفی
Camel sitting at the bottom of the snowy mountains, south of Hormuz Island
سردیس پنهان در دره رنگین کمان
Hidden statue in Rainbow Valley, Hormuz Island
Detail of hidden statue in Rainbow Valley, Hormuz Island


کوه هایی بنام کلاه، گهواره ، اسب و خرمن رستم در جزیره هرمز
Mountains named “Kolah Rostam”, “Ghawarah Rostam”, Horse of “Rostal” and cradle of “Rostam” (Persian Hero) in Hurmuz Island

In the past, there were mountains named “Kolah Rostam”, “Ghawarah Rostam”, Horse of “Rostal” and cradle of “Rostam” (Persian Hero)  on the island. When the valley of statues, the rock of camels and the statue of the salt guard were accepted at the same time as the growth of tourism.

To travel to Hormuz Island, go with the experienced drivers that we introduce to you to show you the statues and monuments.

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