Khaleh Kaniz and Ahmad Nadalian in Hormuz Island: Collaborative Art Works

During my early stay in Hormuz Island, I worked with kaniz. We produce many collaborative art works.  As we were working on the paintings, Kaniz told me many stories. Kaniz’s life story is strange. Kaniz lives in Hormoz Island. She got married when she was seven years old. In some small towns, parents decide the […]

احمد نادعلیان: اقتصادِ هنر و آئین به نفع جامعه محلی جزیره هرمز

از ابتدای حضور در جزیره هرمز اعتقاد داشتم که تاکید و توجه به فرهنگ و هنر آئینی و گذشته جزیره می تواند آنها را زنده نگاه دارد. با رشد علم و علوم عقلی ، آئین ها بی معنی و فراموش می شوند. افراد جامعه به جای بابا زار به روان درمانگر و داروهای روانپزشکان پناه […]

Ahmad Nadalian: Teaching fabric painting behind glass to women who live in villages in Qeshm Island

Since the fall of 2015, there has been a further institutionalizing of the role of art in cultural and economic development of local communities. Social and cultural activities were initiated in the coastal village Salakh of Qehem Island. In Zinat house, I teach girls and women to recycle and use old fabrics and put them […]

Wounds: Post Event of works by Ahmad Nadalian and Hormuz’s Women

In the early years the main problem was marketing the art works women in Hormuz Island. It was not possible for girls to sell their work in public environment. To establish this mission I had to pay the price. I went to the port myself to sell the women’s artworks. Two girls accompanied me. But […]

Teaching soil painting to the women of Hormuz Island

Over the many years I have stayed (since 2008) on Hormuz I have taught painting to the women of the island. The interaction is rich and I hope to provide art to help support each individual to develop their own vision of colour.       In the years that have followed many girls and […]