Book: Ahmad Nadalian – A selection of Environmental and Social Art- Introduction by Clive Adams

This book introduces a selection of Ahmad Nadalian’s environmental and social art. The recent works mostly show collaborative art works with local communities in Hormuz and Qeshm Islands.

Clive Adams in the introduction of this book says:  The presence and activities of his Museum on Hormoz Island, encourages interaction between local people and tourists, bringing significant economic and cultural benefits. This began though recommending artists and tourists to stay in local houses and the practice has now spread all over the island. As a result, the concept of the Museum is not limited to a particular space, it has become a way of contributing to environmental sustainability, allowing the local community and guests to adopt a mutually beneficial way of living and working together.

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Subject: Nadalian / Ahmad / 1963

Subject: Environmental Art / Social Art / Iranian Artist

Subject: Contemporary Art / 21 Century / Review of Artist’s art works

Publisher: Ahmad Nadalian

ISBN: 978-622-00-0809-5

First Edition, Summer 2018

DDC: 751/426

NBN: 5261794

Graphic designer: Sareh Malaki

Address of Publisher: No 1, Shahid Saheb Zamani, Sad Dastgah, Pirozi, Tehran, Iran

Post Code: 17657-56973

Cell: +98 9121482177

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