Ahmad Nadalian: Book of Art Works with an introduction of John K. Grande

This book is the most comprehensive collection that introduces the works of Ahmad Nadalian since 1996.  It includes stone carvings, stone sculptures, sand prints; Environmental art in the nature of Iran and different countries of the world, environmental workshops and festivals and joint work with Iranian or international artists, joint workshops and works with children in Iran and other parts of the world, work with salt, joint work of blacksmith, works Soil painting in Hormuz Island, environmental and partnership with local communities in Hormuz and Qeshm islands, sand prints in Iran and different countries of the world; Introduction of Dr. Nadalian Museum in Hormuz and Paradise Art Gallery in Qeshm and …Part of the book is dedicated to works that exist in Nadalian’s career but have never been published, including video art; Video installation, on-line work on the Internet, as well as interactive multimedia work in real and virtual environments, and finally recycling of newspapers and some examples of publications outside of Iran are also reflected.Previously, two books from Ahmad Nadalian’s collection of drawings related to student travel and work were published in 1985 and 1988. A book of cartoon drawing series was published by the university where he studied when he was a doctoral student. Regarding the works of environmental art, a book entitled Ahmad Nadalian / A Way to Heaven has been published before, and also a book entitled The Museum of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian was published last year.

ISBN: 978-600-04-7885-8 188 Pages 327 color picture

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