Unintelligent child: Ahmad Nadalian’s childhood

Evidence shows that Ahmad Nadalian has been unintelligent since childhood. During his childhood, all his teacher agreed that he has no talent. When he was child in summer with his grandparents, mother and sisters lived in Sangsari nomad camp.  تابستانها ما (من مادر سه خواهرم و مادر بزرگم) با پدر بزرگ در ییلاق گل زرد […]

Baby Nomad – Ahmad Nadalian’s time and place of birth

  Ahmad Nadalian’s ancestor were Sangsari nomad . It his berth certificate we can find the time for his birthday:  June 23, 1963 .  He sayse, according to my uncles, this date of birth is not correct.  He was born in late March or Early June 1963.    مکان دقیق تولد من خانه ای بوده […]