Painting by Hormuz red soil on faces, hands and feet, Hormoz Island December 2007

In December 2007 also used Hormuz red soil and made new painting on portraits, feet and hands.  The local red soil named “Gelak”. This red soil is used to prepare “Soragh” which is a traditional spices.  It consists of organic soil, fish and a kind of lemon or sour orange “Nareng”. Usually Soragh is served with bread. Experience shows that the colored earth doesn’t affect the body, so we enjoyed using this earth as a medium for art.  Unfortunately, a local company exports this valuable soil and uses it in some industry. Unfortunately, most of the people of Hormuz are poor and have no income and many receive charity from the government. We artists aim to introduce the value of this earth as an art material and we invite all artists across the globe to visit this beautiful island.



Like many other my works these recent painting, show a personal interpretation of the story of the first couple (Adam & Eve).  A couple from Latvia Ieva Usca and Janis Matvejs joined our festival I painted tree of life on their portraits. Ieva (Eve) is an environmental scientist.


Her fertility seduced him




Samira Sinai & Fish



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