Ahmad Nadalian: Teaching fabric painting behind glass to women who live in villages in Qeshm Island

Since the fall of 2015, there has been a further institutionalizing of the role of art in cultural and economic development of local communities. Social and cultural activities were initiated in the coastal village Salakh of Qehem Island. In Zinat house, I teach girls and women to recycle and use old fabrics and put them behind glass. ِOver a period of a few months many women were trained.

The fabrics used for women’s clothes in South Iran art are colorful and thin. After being put behind glass they become transparent. Ten years of work experience on Hormuz Island helped me during the short training course. There was a misconception that the soil from the island of Hormuz could not necessarily be used in the making of valuable art. For this project, I used the island’s fabric waste and intended to make the materials appear to have a cultural and economic value.

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