Collaborative Performance and sound art by using garbage and bottles on the beach of Hormoz Island February 2007

For the February 2007 Environmental Art Festival, I had predicted that garbage and plastic bottles of water and soft drinks would be collected on the beach of Songar Mohadli in Hormuz Island. One of the artistic events of the 2007 festival was the  collaborative performance and sound art by using garbage and bottles on the […]

Installation art works of students in the environment of Shahed Faculty of Art June 2006

In June 2006, a number of my students at Shahed University, along with a number of other friends, presented art works in the form of installation and performances. They also participated in new art workshops outside the university. As a result of these activities, they participate in environmental art festival in Polour and other festivals […]

Nest collection in the New Art practical theoretical workshop of Ahmad Nadalian May 2006

In one of the practical theoretical workshops of my new art, a set of nests was made and installed in the nature of Polour and the paradise art center in Tehran. I was restricted from teaching and holding new art workshops in universities. خیال در رنگ ها: ایجاد بستر رنگی برای کارهای خیالی دانشجویان هنر […]

Imagination in colors: creating a colored background for the imaginary works of art students in 2003

For the art work “Imagination in Colors” I created a colorful background for the imaginative work of the students of faculty of Art in Shahed University. I asked my students to buy different colors. I spilled the paint freely on the floor. My intention was to create a work space. I asked my students to […]

Responses to Criticisms: The Role of Media in Ahmad Nadalian’s art works and its impact on Hormozgan contemporary art

The presence of Ahmad Nadalian, his activity in the Hormozgan province and Hormuz Island, and the way he reports his works in media has always been criticized. Critics have criticized Nadalian for choosing the name of the Persian Gulf Festival and the way his media works, the messages of presence and activity on the island […]

Report and interview about the Persian Gulf Environmental Art Festival on the website of the Green Museum in USA

After the report of the Persian Gulf Environmental Arts Festival was reflected on my personal website and its newsletter was sent to some thousand emails, I received an email from Mr. Sam Bower who wanted to use parts of my report for the Green Museum website in USA.  He also makes an interview. In an […]

How Ahmad Nadalian for the first time introduced Hormuz Island to the international arena in his personal website?

From 2006 to 2008, Ahmad Nadalian’s personal website and e-magazine had a great impact on introducing Hormuz Island to the international arena.  In this note, he will say how he introduced the first Persian Gulf Environmental Art Festival on his personal website and newsletter. پس از بازگشت به ایران و پس از دوره دکترا من […]

Ahmad Nadalian: Introduction of Hormuz Island in Iranian news agencies and press

استفاده از متن و عکسهای نادعلیان در سایت های دیگر ممنوع است. Until January 2007, Hormuz Island was not known in virtual media. The environmental art festival of January 2007 had the greatest impact on the introduction of Hormuz Island in the news agencies. There is a lot of evidence for this claim.  Ahmad Nadalian […]

In Paradise: Environmental Art Workshop on Sheikh Andar Abi Island, Bandar Laft, January 6, 2007

استفاده از متن و عکسهای نادعلیان در سایت های دیگر ممنوع است. On the fifth day of the workshop, Dcember 6, 2006, which was the last day of my stay in Hormozgan, we went to the small island of Sheikh Andar Abi. Artists cleaned up the area, and I did a series of work by […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s Sand Print and Painting by red soil in Hormuz and Bandar Abbas Environmental Art Workshop January 3 and 6 2007

استفاده از متن و عکسهای نادعلیان در سایت های دیگر ممنوع است. During the environmental art workshop, in many cases, I invited a group to participate for an art works that I propose a platform or material. In addition, sometimes I worked personally a new experience in the field of body art by printing a […]