The birth of paintings with colored soils in the nature of Hormuz island on January 3, 2007

The painting with colored soils of Hormoz Island, for the first time started on January 3, 2007. َAs a result of continuation of these experiences, Hormuz soil carpet created in 2009. In the following notes, a detailed article will be written about the soil carpet. کارشناسان بومی و غیر بومی نیز همه توافق دارند که […]

The Birth of Painting on Faces and Body By Hormuz Island’s Red Soil – January 3, 2007

استفاده از متن و عکسهای نادعلیان در سایت های دیگر ممنوع است. The painting on the faces by Hormuz red soil of for the first time began on the night of January 3, 2007. In the beginning it was body art, but now that artistic action became common and symbolic practice among artists and tourists. […]

Persian Gulf inscription on Hormuz Island- January 2007-Continuation of workshop of sand and rock sculpture

On the second day of (January 3, 2007) the sand and rock sculpture’s workshop from Bandar Abbas we move to Hormoz Island. The goal of the organizers was to pursue the work of rock sculptures in Hormuz. بعد ها متوجه شدم که هنرمندان استان برای انجام مجسمه های شنی و کار بر روی صخره قبل […]

Bandar Abbas: January 2007: Sand and rock sculpture workshop that changed to an environmental art festival

Introduction: I was invited to Bandar Abbas in January 2007 to manage a sand and rock sculpture workshop. I suggest  an environmental art festival. It was a new chapter in my life and influenced how Hormuz Island developed. همیشه در سفرهایی که به گوشه و کنار ایران و دنیا می روم گزارش می نوسیم. مستندات […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A journeys to Qeshm Island with my family in 2004

After returning from England, I planned a journey to Hormozgan so that my family could share my previous experiences. We traveled to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. During this trip, I personally didn’t many art work. I would rather help my son Behzad and his mother experience to see and preform art works in natural […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A journeys to Hormozgan with my students in 1989

استفاده از متن و عکسهای سایت و بازنشر آنها ممنوع است. Before my travel to Europe, when I was teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts, along with solo journeys, I planned a journey to Hormozgan for my students. In addition to Bandar Abbas, we stopped and worked in Bandar Khamir, Lengeh, Kong, and Bostaneh. […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A journeysto Hormozgan- Bandar Abbas, Qeshm and West Hormozgan – 1988 to 1989

استفاده از متن و عکسهای سایت و بازنشر آنها ممنوع است. My journeys to Hormozgan continued when I started teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts. In addition to Bandar Abbas Qeshm, I also traveled to the west of the province.  Most of my art works were drawings. از 20  سالگی کلاسهای پیش دانشگاهی و […]

The second part of Ahmad Nadalian’s Journeys to Qeshm Island from 1984 to 1987: Culture, history, rituals and traditions

During my journeys to Qeshm Island and its villages in 1986 till 1987, in addition to nature and life, I became acquainted with the culture, history, and rituals of the people there. از اولین سفرم متوجه شدم که اغلب مردم جزیره قشم اهل سنت بودند. اقلیت شیعه هم زندگی می کردند. باید یادآوری کنم که […]

The first part of Ahmad Nadalian’s Journeys to Qeshm Island from 1984 to 1987: The Taste of Life

Since 1984, I have made several t journeys to Qeshm Island. During my journeys in 1986 and 1987, I traveled to a number of villages in Qeshm. At that time, I went to Basaido. Along the way, I take photos, slides and made sketch of landscapes, portraits of  people, fisherman and workers.       […]

Ahmad Nadalian’s travele to Minab’s Thursday Market in 1986 and returned to Bandar Abbas

In 1986, in addition to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island, I traveled to Minab. I visited Minab’s Thursday Market.  The variety of handicrafts there has always been fascinating. In addition to having most of the handicrafts of the province, Minab also produces its own handicrafts. با تعریف امروزی می توان گفت که کارهای میناب بوم […]