Free Education in Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum – Hormuz Island

In Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum we have free Education for Children.  With the support of many artists, individuals and institutions a budget for free education is provided and we can pay the local teachers who teach culture, protection of ecology and the English language. We used the museum budget to clean polluted environments and the […]

The early years of Ahmad Nadalian’s education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University

After participating in the exam in February 1983, I was accepted as a painting student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University. من در سابقه ام در دوران راهنمایی و دبیرستان دو سال مردودی داشتم. اما هم سن سایر دانشجویان پسر بودم. چون آنهایی که زودتر درسشان تمام شده بود به سربازی رفته […]

Life of Ahmad Nadalian in his youth after the revolution 1979

After the revolution, my interest in art, especially painting, increased. The first time that the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art reopened in September 1979, I went to the museum and saw the works of art of the Revolution, and since then I have been following the museum’s exhibitions. I later found out that communist artists […]

Nature of Hormuz Island: The Rainbow of Iran

Hormuz Island has many attractions. It has many colorful mountains- colored earth, multicolored stones and and some salt cave.    Beauty of nature, the cultural characteristic of the people who live in the Island can be a  reason for tourists to make this their vacation spot during the winter. The climate in this Island is extremely […]

Stone Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian

During all the years I carved on stone, I also made three-dimensional sculptures. They show first couple, Anahita, goddess of water, fertility, mother and animals. Sometimes I install my sculptures (the goddess of water) in the river environment. Water gives life to all creatures in the earth. In all cultures water is used in rituals […]

Carved Stones by Ahmad Nadalian

Ahmad Nadalian carved stones with primitive tools. His early carved stone works depicted animals, mother, child and The fetus. .  He used the harder stones to polish the softer ones. His early carved stone works depicted animals. Gradually the mother and child entered into my carvings. A mother is the foundation of love and kindness. […]