Experience of social change: The life of Ahmad Nadalian as a youth

When I was youth, my studies became very bad. I worked in my father’s workplace. Gradually I became interested in works of art. The revolution 1979 happened. The revolution affected my life and my painting. سال 1353 با بدترین کارنامه پنجم ابتدایی را تمام کردم. نمره ریاضی به عدد هفت نزول پیدا کرد و معدل […]

Unintelligent child: Ahmad Nadalian’s childhood

Evidence shows that Ahmad Nadalian has been unintelligent since childhood. During his childhood, all his teacher agreed that he has no talent. When he was child in summer with his grandparents, mother and sisters lived in Sangsari nomad camp.  تابستانها ما (من مادر سه خواهرم و مادر بزرگم) با پدر بزرگ در ییلاق گل زرد […]

Paradise Art Center in Polour

Gallery, Education center and Residency for Environmental Art Paradise Art Center is an international residency center for the promotion of environmental art. It includes three locations and buildings in Tehran, Polour (Northern Iran), and Hormoz Island (Southern Iran) – all with the mission of connecting and hosting invited artists, promoting educational outreach, and exhibiting environmental […]

Drop the fish in the water

During several journeys to different parts of the world, I have also offered my carved stones with imaginary fish to rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas.   I have dropped the stones which have imaginary fish carved onto them into the rivers of Polour.   The purpose of this tradition results in the ultimate goal of dedicating […]

Teaching soil painting to the women of Hormuz Island

کارگاه نقاشی دختران و زنان در جزیره هرمز

Over the many years I have stayed (since 2008) on Hormuz I have taught painting to the women of the island. The interaction is rich and I hope to provide art to help support each individual to develop their own vision of colour.       In the years that have followed many girls and […]

River Art by Ahmad Nadalian

I started to carve large boulders in flowing rivers. I intended to leave my works in nature. I created hundreds of fish on the stones beside and in the river. The reason I produce a fish design is when I was a child the rivers of Polour were full of fish. Sadly the fish that […]

Baby Nomad – Ahmad Nadalian’s time and place of birth

  Ahmad Nadalian’s ancestor were Sangsari nomad . It his berth certificate we can find the time for his birthday:  June 23, 1963 .  He sayse, according to my uncles, this date of birth is not correct.  He was born in late March or Early June 1963.    مکان دقیق تولد من خانه ای بوده […]