Drawings by Ahmad Nadalian: War Wounded Soldiers in hospital

In the early year when I was student, I made many drawings showing war wounded soldiers. In the evenings, I went to the Imam Khomeini Hospital from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, and worked tile late night. I slept in the hospital at night and returned to faculty the next morning. عصر […]

Ahmad Nadalian: How did I get acquainted with the anatomy and the human body?

When I was a student, there was limited anatomy design in the Fine Arts Faculty curriculum. Due to personal interest, I went to medical school in the summer of 1984 and started a series of works to learn more about anatomy. Gradually I became interested in naturalism art. Following this process, I designed different people […]

Online video installation/Performance and Interactive Art for Persian New Year Ceremonies (Nowrouz)

I have frequently presented Iranian Nowruz ceremonies in the form of video installation art and online interactive art. This tradition was not only specific to the People of Iran today, but also the neighboring tribes, which include Afghanistan, Middle Asia, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan. Today, these ethnic groups are living around the world, and virtual space […]

Third World War”: Interactive Multimedia Art by Ahmad Nadalian”

  After the 11 September tragedy in the United States, war in Afghanistan, genocide and terrorist attacks around the world, I decided the make a series of art work about sinless people and titled “Third World War”. This is an interactive multimedia art and published in my web site. The format of this work is […]

Our Paradise : Interactive Multimedia Art by Ahmad Nadalian

In addition to the performances and installations for the cyber environment, I presented many interactive works in cyber and real space. In my interactive works audiences are allowed to change the composition and color of environments. One of these works was interactive multimedia art, which was presented both in virtual and virtual spaces.     […]

“01” Interactive Online Video Installation by Ahmad Nadalian

“01” is the title of an interactive online video installation by Ahmad Nadalian for New Art exhibition in 2002 – A white screen measuring 3.45 x 2.45 cm, printed with an allover design of the digits 0 and 1, reflected the silhouettes of spectators who passed between the screen and the projector set up behind […]