Ahmad Nadalian’s travele to Minab’s Thursday Market in 1986 and returned to Bandar Abbas

In 1986, in addition to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island, I traveled to Minab. I visited Minab’s Thursday Market.  The variety of handicrafts there has always been fascinating. In addition to having most of the handicrafts of the province, Minab also produces its own handicrafts. با تعریف امروزی می توان گفت که کارهای میناب بوم […]

Ahmad Nadalian: Teaching fabric painting behind glass to women who live in villages in Qeshm Island

Since the fall of 2015, there has been a further institutionalizing of the role of art in cultural and economic development of local communities. Social and cultural activities were initiated in the coastal village Salakh of Qehem Island. In Zinat house, I teach girls and women to recycle and use old fabrics and put them […]

The death of fish and goddesses- Destruction of Ahmad Nadalian’s Art works in nature

During two decades, I have created hundreds goddesses and fish on the stones of the river and have dedicated them to nature. Due to a lack of respect, these figures have historically been ignored and distorted. For me, they are metaphors for nature and the life of living creatures who endure pain, suffering, and are […]

Wounds: Post Event of works by Ahmad Nadalian and Hormuz’s Women

In the early years the main problem was marketing the art works women in Hormuz Island. It was not possible for girls to sell their work in public environment. To establish this mission I had to pay the price. I went to the port myself to sell the women’s artworks. Two girls accompanied me. But […]

Ahmad Nadalian Travels to Hormozgan (Bandar Abbas) in the early years of his Study 1984 – 1986

 In the early years of his Study 1984 – 1986 at the University of Tehran, I traveled to Hormozgan province. During these trips, I got acquainted with the life, culture, customs, rituals, nature, architecture, handicrafts, etc. of Hormozgan. I designed people and their lives and photographed a variety of subjects. در بهمن ماه سال 1363 […]

The Center of Hormuzology in Hormuz Island – Dr Ahmad Nadalian Museum

The Center of Hormuzology in Hormuz Island located in Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum.  After fifteen years research we have the best historical documents, geology, culture, rituals, weddings, mourning, music, handicrafts, … which all related to Hormuz Island. All information was the result of academic research by Dr. Nadalian and in consultation with the elderly of […]

Ahmad Nadalian: An art student or a Sangsari Nomad Traveler in Iran

Before going to Europe, I had several journies to different parts of Iran from 1983 to 1990. I traveled mostly alone. During the trip, I made many drawings and slides on many topics: nature, life, faces, ethnic clothing, customs, handicrafts, architecture and decorations … and of course, sometimes, I recorded my travels and life with […]

Drawings by Ahmad Nadalian: War Wounded Soldiers in hospital

In the early year when I was student, I made many drawings showing war wounded soldiers. In the evenings, I went to the Imam Khomeini Hospital from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, and worked tile late night. I slept in the hospital at night and returned to faculty the next morning. عصر […]

Ahmad Nadalian: How did I get acquainted with the anatomy and the human body?

When I was a student, there was limited anatomy design in the Fine Arts Faculty curriculum. Due to personal interest, I went to medical school in the summer of 1984 and started a series of works to learn more about anatomy. Gradually I became interested in naturalism art. Following this process, I designed different people […]