Tempered People : Iron- Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian

Another experience is collaborative work with itinerant ironworkers. I collected rusty iron with paint peeling off by the river and I asked the blacksmiths to shape them as I wanted. I was there as a pupil and in some stages I shaped the iron into human figures. I experienced tempering. The Tempered People are solid […]

Salt Sculptures: Collaboration of animals to realize art

The collaborative art project with animals that I called “Salt Sculpture” was very exciting. I installed salt rocks in a farm with animals. Goats, sheep and lambs had a strong desire to lick those salt rocks. Their licks created dimples on the salt. I was looking to get primitive visages out of these salt rocks. […]

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s House in laft Qeshm Island

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s house is located in the main alley and center of the historical part of Laft.  Artist created a conceptual wall.  Even when the door is closed through a small window or seven apertures, it is possible to see, hear, touch and suck art behind the wall. If, day and night, anyone passes […]

Free Art Education For Children in Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum- Hormuz Island

Dr. Nadalian’s museum offers free education in the field art creation for children.   We payed to the invited expert teacher and provide color and educational aids for teaching.  Flowing color in the right of all people who lives. When children laugh angels in heaven dancing.                     […]