Ahmad Nadalian: A journeys to Qeshm Island with my family in 2004

After returning from England, I planned a journey to Hormozgan so that my family could share my previous experiences. We traveled to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. During this trip, I personally didn’t many art work. I would rather help my son Behzad and his mother experience to see and preform art works in natural […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A journeys to Hormozgan with my students in 1989

استفاده از متن و عکسهای سایت و بازنشر آنها ممنوع است. Before my travel to Europe, when I was teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts, along with solo journeys, I planned a journey to Hormozgan for my students. In addition to Bandar Abbas, we stopped and worked in Bandar Khamir, Lengeh, Kong, and Bostaneh. […]

Ahmad Nadalian: A journeysto Hormozgan- Bandar Abbas, Qeshm and West Hormozgan – 1988 to 1989

استفاده از متن و عکسهای سایت و بازنشر آنها ممنوع است. My journeys to Hormozgan continued when I started teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts. In addition to Bandar Abbas Qeshm, I also traveled to the west of the province.  Most of my art works were drawings. از 20  سالگی کلاسهای پیش دانشگاهی و […]

The First Festival Celebrating the Creation and Exhibition of Art in Nature 2002

The first festival celebrating the creation and exhibition of art in nature was held at Paradise International Art Centre in the summer of 2003. The first event was not called the Environmental Art Festival. From the second festival, the festivals were named as environmental art in Iran. This center was the first artist residency in Iran. […]

The second part of Ahmad Nadalian’s Journeys to Qeshm Island from 1984 to 1987: Culture, history, rituals and traditions

During my journeys to Qeshm Island and its villages in 1986 till 1987, in addition to nature and life, I became acquainted with the culture, history, and rituals of the people there. از اولین سفرم متوجه شدم که اغلب مردم جزیره قشم اهل سنت بودند. اقلیت شیعه هم زندگی می کردند. باید یادآوری کنم که […]

The first part of Ahmad Nadalian’s Journeys to Qeshm Island from 1984 to 1987: The Taste of Life

Since 1984, I have made several t journeys to Qeshm Island. During my journeys in 1986 and 1987, I traveled to a number of villages in Qeshm. At that time, I went to Basaido. Along the way, I take photos, slides and made sketch of landscapes, portraits of  people, fisherman and workers.       […]

Paradise Art Gallery: Ahmad Nadalian’s Artworks (Carved Stones, sculpture, seals, paintings and conceptual works)

Ahmad Nadalian’s works of art, including sculptures, carvings, seals, paintings and conceptual works, can be purchased at the Paradise Art Gallery.  Nadalian’s small works were always sold in the art centers of Paradise Art Center Polour, Tehran, Qeshm and his museum in Hormuz Island. بر اساس کاهایی که در طبیعت انجام شده اند کارهای کوچکتری […]

The Conceptual Wall of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s House in laft (Qeshm Island)

Listen to this audio file (Persian) Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s house is located in the main alley and center of the historical part of Laft.  Artist created a conceptual wall.  Even when the door is closed through a small window or seven apertures, it is possible to see, hear, touch and suck art behind the wall. […]