Paradise Art Gallery: Ahmad Nadalian’s Artworks (Carved Stones, sculpture, seals, paintings and conceptual works)

Ahmad Nadalian’s works of art, including sculptures, carvings, seals, paintings and conceptual works, can be purchased at the Paradise Art Gallery.  Nadalian’s small works were always sold in the art centers of Paradise Art Center Polour, Tehran, Qeshm and his museum in Hormuz Island. بر اساس کاهایی که در طبیعت انجام شده اند کارهای کوچکتری […]

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s House in laft Qeshm Island

Dr. Ahmad Nadalian’s house is located in the main alley and center of the historical part of Laft.  Artist created a conceptual wall.  Even when the door is closed through a small window or seven apertures, it is possible to see, hear, touch and suck art behind the wall. If, day and night, anyone passes […]

Paradise Art Center in Polour

Gallery, Education center and Residency for Environmental Art Paradise Art Center is an international residency center for the promotion of environmental art. It includes three locations and buildings in Tehran, Polour (Northern Iran), and Hormoz Island (Southern Iran) – all with the mission of connecting and hosting invited artists, promoting educational outreach, and exhibiting environmental […]